Lessons learned while gaining 2k followers in 12 months.

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As writers, we are always looking for more followers.

We need people who read our work. More than that, we need people who care enough to follow us and look forward to our next masterpiece. We owe our followers to write better, work harder, research more, be vulnerable and sincerely create something of value.

Followers are people who not only read our work but also care enough to look forward to our next article. The click of the Follow button is a huge sign of encouragement.

With recent changes to the Medium partner program, many new writers are working towards…


Vegetables are the Real Superstars of Indian Cuisine

Photo of a vegetable shop in India selling Okra, Egg Plants etc.
A Typical Vegetable Shop in India | Author via Canva Pro

India is home to hundreds of delicious dishes made with vegetables. Sadly, these preparations are barely known outside of the country. Unlike many other cuisines, vegetables aren’t just add-ons to meat dishes but are superstars on their own.

India has a large population of vegetarians, but even for people who eat non-vegetarian, vegetables make up a large portion of the diet. Hence, it is not surprising that there are more vegetable-based recipes than meat-based recipes.

Unfortunately, these dishes don’t get global exposure and are often eclipsed by the stellar power of butter chicken or chicken tikka masala.

We all can…


So much has been said on this topic, but nothing changes.

Audiences bored with a text heavy presentation.
Totally bored audience | Author via Canva Pro

People can’t read and listen at the same time. That’s a scientifically proven fact.

It just happened last week—50 people on a virtual meeting being tortured by an endless series of 20-bullet slides. The bullets weren’t keywords or phrases. They were full sentences.

I wanted to kindly tell the presenter that I trust that your English teacher has done a good job, and you don’t have to prove it in your PowerPoint decks.

To say that I am peeved would be an understatement. I am flabbergasted and appalled.

That was 50 person-hours wasted.

Most of the attendees’ attention faded away…


Pay attention to the examples you set.

Woman sitting in an office chair on stage under spotlight.
Manager on Stage | Created by the Author via Canva Pro

Harry walked in 10 minutes late. On the first day and first session of the workshop.

I was conducting a two-day training on project management for a team of 15 engineers and their reporting manager. We had acquired this software startup, and now it was time to bring them into the Project Management Office (PMO) led operations.

Harry came in with his laptop and set himself up on the far side of the table. He directed a feeble, “Let’s get started” towards me and busied himself behind his laptop screen.

We took a tea break about an hour into the…


And don’t turn them into Scrum Masters either

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Congratulations! Your team has decided to embark on the Agile journey. Or you started the journey years back and still feel you’ve reached nowhere.

Worse, your people managers are feeling unwanted. Or maybe you are a people manager caught up in the agile transformation storm and don’t know what to do.

Myth: There is no place for people managers in Scrum

An agile organisation is typically centred around Scrum Masters, Product Managers and Developers, working as a self-organizing team. This leads to a flawed premise that the reporting hierarchy is a major obstacle to agility and flexibility. People Managers are often seen as archaic leftovers of a past era.



Colourful dishes which can give Ratatouille a run for the money

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Ratatouille, the classic French dish, is a heartwarming stew of vegetables. Let’s travel 7000 km east of France to a place bursting with flavours and home to the widest variety of vegetarian food.

People across the world who like Indian food have tasted curries. Now curry isn’t an Indian word, but an anglicised version of the Tamil word Kari, meaning sauce.

Broadly speaking, curries are sauce-based dishes. A general recipe involves meats or vegetables, or a combination, stir-fried and cooked in a wide variety of sauces.

But curry doesn’t cover a whole range of dishes which are called ‘sabzi’. The…


Workplace toxicity sucks the energy out of people and leaves them barely alive at work. Implement the antidotes to reverse the damage.

Created by the Author via Canva Pro

When asked to name a toxic substance, people often come up with Cyanide. Though not the most poisonous substance known to humans, it results in a quick death by inhibiting the ability of cells to produce energy.

Similarly, a toxic workplace can suck the energy out of people, leaving them dissatisfied and disinterested. Such an environment causes chronic stress and kills productivity. It even impacts areas of life outside work, particularly health and relationships.

As per Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace: 2021 Report, only 20% of the employees are engaged at work. …

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