Vegetables are the Real Superstars of Indian Cuisine

Photo of a vegetable shop in India selling Okra, Egg Plants etc.
A Typical Vegetable Shop in India | Author via Canva Pro

India is home to hundreds of delicious dishes made with vegetables. Sadly, these preparations are barely known outside of the country. Unlike many other cuisines, vegetables aren’t just add-ons to meat dishes but are superstars on their own.

India has a large population of vegetarians, but even for people who…


So much has been said on this topic, but nothing changes.

Audiences bored with a text heavy presentation.
Totally bored audience | Author via Canva Pro

People can’t read and listen at the same time. That’s a scientifically proven fact.

It just happened last week—50 people on a virtual meeting being tortured by an endless series of 20-bullet slides. The bullets weren’t keywords or phrases. They were full sentences.

I wanted to kindly tell the presenter…


We are too focused on our weaknesses to recognize our strengths.

Image by Press 👍👍 Love you 💖 from Pixabay

Half a century ago, psychologist Don Clifton asked a question:

“What would happen if we studied what was right with people versus what’s wrong with people?”

He argued that studying weaknesses leads us to become experts on human failings, but doesn’t provide us with a key to success and fulfilment.


An explosion of flavours you can conjure up at home. Turn it vegan if you like.

A street cart selling chaat in Mumbai, India | Author via Canva Pro

Indian street food is predominantly vegetarian.

You may think that it is because of the large population of vegetarians. Yes, that’s one reason. Another reason could be that Indians avoid non-vegetarian food for breakfast and snacks.

Many people also avoid eating non-vegetarian at less hygienic roadside stalls as meat can…

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