Lessons learned while gaining 2k followers in 12 months.

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As writers, we are always looking for more followers.

We need people who read our work. More than that, we need people who care enough to follow us and look forward to our next masterpiece. …


Vegetables are the Real Superstars of Indian Cuisine

Photo of a vegetable shop in India selling Okra, Egg Plants etc.
A Typical Vegetable Shop in India | Author via Canva Pro

India is home to hundreds of delicious dishes made with vegetables. Sadly, these preparations are barely known outside of the country. Unlike many other cuisines, vegetables aren’t just add-ons to meat dishes but are superstars on their own.

India has a large population of vegetarians, but even for people who…


So much has been said on this topic, but nothing changes.

Audiences bored with a text heavy presentation.
Totally bored audience | Author via Canva Pro

People can’t read and listen at the same time. That’s a scientifically proven fact.

It just happened last week—50 people on a virtual meeting being tortured by an endless series of 20-bullet slides. The bullets weren’t keywords or phrases. They were full sentences.

I wanted to kindly tell the presenter…


Pay attention to the examples you set.

Woman sitting in an office chair on stage under spotlight.
Manager on Stage | Created by the Author via Canva Pro

Harry walked in 10 minutes late. On the first day and first session of the workshop.

I was conducting a two-day training on project management for a team of 15 engineers and their reporting manager. …


And don’t turn them into Scrum Masters either

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Congratulations! Your team has decided to embark on the Agile journey. Or you started the journey years back and still feel you’ve reached nowhere.

Worse, your people managers are feeling unwanted. …


An explosion of flavours you can conjure up at home. Turn it vegan if you like.

A street cart selling chaat in Mumbai, India | Author via Canva Pro

Indian street food is predominantly vegetarian.

You may think that it is because of the large population of vegetarians. Yes, that’s one reason. Another reason could be that Indians avoid non-vegetarian food for breakfast and snacks.

Many people also avoid eating non-vegetarian at less hygienic roadside stalls as meat can…


Colourful dishes which can give Ratatouille a run for the money

Author via Canva Pro

Ratatouille, the classic French dish, is a heartwarming stew of vegetables. Let’s travel 7000 km east of France to a place bursting with flavours and home to the widest variety of vegetarian food.

People across the world who like Indian food have tasted curries. Now curry isn’t an Indian word…

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